Sunday, August 23, 2020


Apple (AAPL) Pending Order

 $AAPL Apple has a stock split -4-1 on August 31. I already own Apple. I mentioned this on my Facebook page when the stock was $408 a few weeks ago. As of Friday this stock has come just shy of $500. I have seen AAPL in my trading days as low as $40 and as high as $600 I believe. The chart does not reflect that because over the years, the stock has had several stock splits. If it were to split today it would be $125 per share. If you owned 1 share, you would now own 4. For me this is the perfect stock to buy after the split and hold. Following the trading rule of trade small-trade happy, I could risk the price of one share or buy a fraction of a share for the price which I decide and just hold. Who thinks Apple will fail or drop? Well they have in the past, nothing goes straight up, but they have always come back. I will post again about Apple when I buy it. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation for you to buy or sell.

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