Saturday, August 22, 2020



99% of people who trade in the market fail. And 100% of the people will at some point loose money. Please let that sink in before you read any further. Maybe take a few days and just meditate on that and then come back to this page.
This is my trading diary. I also post the same information at Facebook. Search Lunch Money Trade. Either place will allow you to set to notifications when a new post is added.
This is my diary, not yours and the trades I take and post are mine, not yours. I’m posting for free what I have learned from over 20 years of trading experience and the current trades I am in or have closed. Remember none of this is a recommendation or a suggestion to buy or sell stocks. I am not a financial advisor. The information here is free and trading is very risky and you can loose everything. Please consult a financial advisor for recommendations
My goal is to leave for generations to come a few simple ideas that may help somebody in the future to understand more about the stock market.
Why is it called the lunch money trade. My thought about trading is if you can learn to make a dollar a day, then your doing better than the 99% who fail. And if you are trading with your lunch money and go to the drive thru and spend $10-$15 dollars a day for lunch, consider packing your lunch and if you loose your lunch money trading, eat a peanut butter sandwich instead. I’ll get into that in more detail later.
Lots of people ask me how much money or how many shares do I buy when I trade. Let’s settle that right now. It’s none of your business, but if you really have to know, let’s start by saying one share, sometimes more.
I can tell you this. TRADING SMALL WORKS and it so much easier when you are holding a good companies stock when it is going the wrong way.
That’s more than enough reading for this post. Don’t forget to set up your notifications and I’ll be back later with trades I’m in, trade ideas I’m thinking about and thoughts on how I’ve learned to try to make a little lunch money and sometimes dinner and dessert on those really rewarding trades.

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